Beer: Cans Or Bottles? (Revisited)

I have to preface this by making sure everyone knows how I feel. Have you read this?

If not? Do so. If so? Read on, bitches.

It’s no secret that when I buy beer…which is “frequently” to say the least….I buy cans. (I won’t go into why because you should’ve done your homework by now and if you haven’t, you can fuck off.) But tonight I was presented with a conundrum and I was forced to revisit the whole “beer cans vs. beer bottles” topic.

For some strange reason I was presented with an odd choice this evening while picking up some beer for me and wine for the wife. I could’ve bought a 12 pack of cans of my normal brand for $10.99. Perfect. SOLD!


I happened to notice this humongous red sticker promoting an 18-pack of my same normal brand for $11.99. So, I can get 6 more beers for a buck? I’m in. Where do I sign?

Oh, but wait…

This bargain beer only came by way of bottles. Pretty fuckin stupid, I know, but I think I know why they did it. Probably because there’s a huge surplus of bottles in the backroom that they can’t sell because BOTTLES SUCK! But I’m a business man….I’m always open to listening.

So the tightwad in me says, “Hey, get the bottles…it’s a better deal…whatever.” So I did. But now, 5 hours later I’m so bitter about it that I’m writing this god damn blog post. To be honest, I don’t think it was worth it.



Ask yourself this: Am I committed to beer in a can or beer in general? I’m getting a unanimous “beer in general” right?

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