Generic Business Talk

A new addition to GBT, as I’ll refer to it:

Sirs, our staff will streamline and implement the remaining content documents in order to synergize the LinkWorth website upon your return from your business trip to New York.

We appreciate the ability to represent your firm in this capacity.




At the End of the Day, it’s all about your Due Diligence.

Lets meet and brainstorm about a meeting.


Got this email today, very generic?
“Hello I would appreciate an opportunity to speak with you.

I have a small Internet Marketing company and a few vertical web applications.

I would like to investigate the possibilities or perhaps representing your firm in some capacity.”


This could be the nicest guy in the world, but I had to call him out on the generic business talk. My response:

Can you cut the generic business talk and reply with a better description of what you’re looking for? Things like

“vertical web applications”

“investigating the possibilities”

“representing your firm in some capacity”

are what we refer to as “Jerry Jones Talk”. Its generic filler words that dance around the real meaning of the conversation. In the corporate world, if you caught the right person, they would jump right back with things like “due diligence” or “end of the day”. The problem is, I like to understand what is being said… so now that I’ve given my explanation, I’d love to understand what you are looking for, so…

What exactly do you have or are you looking for? Detail please?


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